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Cattle stop gate in frame

To be used within a cattle race system, the two doors of the stop gate create a solid closable barrier within the race. When opened, the doors of the stop gate retract fully to the internal width of the race yet do not protrude outside the overall width of the unit.

Features include:-

• Dimensions 500mm long x 935mm wide x 1950mm high
• Acts as a non return gate when closed, stopping the next animal in the race
• Gate is “locked” when in the closed position
• Operating wheels both sides
• Can be rope operated remotely
• Comes complete with fixing lugs each side
• Coupling bars are not included

-F040 2016 01


Access Kiosk

Not suitable for attachment to Champion beefmaster crush

Designed for use in race system - to secure following animal in race, whilst safely allowing operator access to rear of animal in crush. Side gates can be hung from either front or rear pillars, whilst the tapered shape allows crush rear gate (if fitted) to open fully. Supplied flat packed for self assembly.

Dimensions: 1040mm long x 1000mm wide x 1930mm high.

-F040 2012 01


Sliding Gate in Race Arch

For use within race system, the sliding gate provides a positive barrier to cattle. Recently revised to feature a retractable lintel which slides within the fixed framework resulting in a minimal overhang. When gate is closed the lintel can be pushed through the frame to give a clear passage to the left or right. Handles and stops are fitted to both sides, thus allowing the gate to open to the left or right.

-F040 2008 01


Sliding Gate System

Designed for use directly behind a cattle crush, this system comprises a sliding gate to provide a positive barrier to oncoming cattle down the race, whilst the side gates allow full and easy access to rear of animal when foot trimming. Top tie bar will fasten to the following crushes - Crusaders, Centurions, Saracens and Chieftains.

NB: Cannot be used in conjunction with weigh platform or load bars.

-F040 2008 02


Race Arch c/w Gate

-F040 2006 02
840mm (2'9") long

-F040 2007 02
1575mm (5'2") long


Race Arch

-F040 2006 01
840mm (2'9") long

-F040 2007 01
1575mm (5'2") long


None Return Gate in Race Arch

-F040 2010 01