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Intro Cubicle Matress A.I Extras

IAE have many years of experience with regard to cubicle housing, and are constantly updating designs to incorporate the latest thinking. Today, the vast majority of cubicles supplied are based upon the Super Comfort design and concept.



The latest generation cubicle which combines many virtues of the earlier designs, but with additional refinements to take it to a whole new level. Advantages over previous designs include;

  • Lower support rail is now positioned at ground level, thus moving it away from animals 'lunge zone'
  • Upper support rail is positioned high enough not to interfere with the 'lunge zone yet still low enough to prevent walk through. This helps to prevent cattle which have been 'grouped' from merging with each other - eg, preventing high yielding cows from merging with the rest of the herd if you wish to group them so.
  • New profile has enabled us to maintain the same 'high' headrail position as used on the 'supreme' by sitting the headrail below the top rail of the cubicle - or having facility of raising it yet further by positioning it above the top rails; thus allowing the cow to stand in a more 'cow friendly' stance so that the head is no longer at an acute angle, which can result in a cow being pushed backwards and then standing with its feet in scrape passage
  • New polypipe brisket rail tube - a more cow friendly and hygienic alternative to timber, having a smooth rounded surface and being much easier to clean off at turnout time.
  • A cost effective upgrade to existing Super Comfort/Supreme cubicles as only the cubicle loops and possibly some fittings would need to be purchased.
  • Advantages could be achieved for most commercial Fresian/Holstein herds

Download Ultima Installation Instructions

NB. The Ultima® cubicle is not suitable for beds shorter than 2440mm (8'0")

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supreme cubicles

Our second generation cubicle based upon the Super Comfort design but with the headrail raised to 1250mm. This gives the dual advantage of allowing the cow to stand with all four feet on the bed, (instead of having her rear legs in the scrape passage), thus reducing pressure on the rear feet. Furthermore the higher headrail positively encourages the cow to lie down sooner.

In addition we have created a deeper cubicle loop, therefore lowering the position of the bottom support rail. In other cubicle designs this lower rail can be seen restricting a cows lunging space when rising, as the head dips when the cow lunges to get up.

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super comfort cubicles

The original design which started the move away from traditional cubicles (which had to be concreted in individually), with all their inherent disadvantages, onto the support rail system idea.

With divisions set at approx 1100 to 1200mm centres, this allows space sharing whilst the cows lie down, but at the same time keeps the cow square to prevent them from soiling the bed.

An additional advantage to this design is the lack of any rear leg which would be prone to corrosion, in addition to hindering the cow when rising or space sharing.

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Young Stock Super Comfort


Based upon the success features and benefits of our Super Comfort Cubicle, but re-designed for use with younger stock.

These cubicles are ideal for those who wish to train up younger animals to use cubicles prior to their introduction.

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The Super Sand Stall has been designed and trialled by a group of eminent farmers many of whom are RABDF Gold Cup Winners. IAE has worked closely with the group to create a cubicle that meets all the cows requirements, for those farmers that are committed to cow welfare on deep sand beds, and have longer cubicle bed lengths

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Traditional Cubicles

“IAE are still able to offer some designs of traditional cubicles such as Newton Rigg, for those who may simply be looking to replace an odd broken or damaged cubicle within an existing run. Please note these will only be produced in limited numbers each year and once stocks are depleted they will not be replenished until the following year.


The various types of mushroom cubicles still offer a popular alternative to the super comfort design. Available in a range of sizes and material thicknesses. Please note that some designs of these will only be produced in limited numbers each year and once stocks are depleted they will not be replenished until the following year.

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